Heavy Equipment Washing

Just Clean Pressure Washing Heavy Equipment Washing Improves Productivity & Prolongs the Life of Heavy Equipment

Just Clean Pressure Washing uses high pressure cleaning technology to remove unsightly and potentially dangerous buildup from your heavy equipment. Everything from dirty buildup to motor oil and other stains can be quickly and affordably cleaned away, leaving you with clean heavy equipment that will prolong the life of your investment, saving you money and allowing you to invest in other areas of your business.
It’s important for businesses to maintain clean, professionally-washed equipment. Pressure washing heavy equipment offers many benefits that can positively impact the performance of both your machinery and your business. 
A fact often ignored by businesses is that clean equipment is easier to maintain.  Pressure washing your equipment consistently will help you find little issues before they become big issues.  Removing the mud, grease and dirt will make it easier to get the nuts and bolts off and easier to remove an engine part.  Keeping your equipment clean will also make it easier to see a small leak in a hose or hydraulic line.  Pressure washed engines and hydraulic lines help you find small exposures and worn out parts before they break.

Having to fix your machine during work hours is time consuming and costs you income - which is frustrating - especially when those losses could have been avoided. Regular inspections on clean equipment will benefit everyone on all levels of your business. Clean equipment lasts longer, saves manpower and money, and demonstrates a level of professionalism.

Whether you’re working with an ADT (Articulating Dump Truck), back hoe, compactor, excavator, forklift or dozer, your project(s) will see better results when your equipment is working (and looking) their best. If you want an annual contract, call us at 618-402-1516 or send us your request for quote, and we'll schedule an appointment today.